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Take a quick look at what our clients said about our UX approach

From native iOS apps to responsive desktop websites for agriculture in everything from fashion to consumer goods. We take a deep User Experience approach to solve key problems and improve your customer experience. Take a look at what our clients say about us.

❝Our clients weren’t able to arrive to the end of the checkout process; something basic, but not so easy in a complex product like S4Index. GONNI took the challenge to redesign our product and were able to do it in a very small time frame. The result of their work made our yearly sales grow.❞

Sebastian Priolo
CTO – S4Index

❝Before working with GONNI our site did not generate sales. Our users used to come and leave without getting what they expected. After working with the agency our site looks amazing, generates sales and all customers in NY are happy and buying 24/7.❞

Richard Nieto
Managing Director – SweetLeaf

❝They truly met our expectations. The look and feel is exactly what we were looking for and we always felt that the GONNI team was part of our company because they understood our users’ issues and solved every problem with an iterative approach.❞

Gustavo Dominguez
Founder – Buscatón

❝Partnering with GONNI was the right decision for us because the agency has a solid knowledge of User Experience and Front-end development. For us, it’s crucial to work with this kind of experienced team.❞

Nicolas Enjamio
CEO – Wildar Gaming

❝We are definitely satisfied with the result. The GONNI team understood what we needed and we worked closely together which was crucial for the correct development of the project.❞

Antonio Seward
CEO – CoolKitsch

❝New design solutions and the innovative approach of GONNI helped us take the usability and engagement of the platform to the next level.❞

Gabriel Poblet Maristany
CMO – S4IndexPro

❝GONNI is a team with incredible energy. They designed all of our website’s User Experience, absolutely from scratch and with great attention to detail❞

Ignacio López
CTO – Plored

❝We had a very good vibe about the agency from the beginning and we are happy to have trusted all our user experience and branding on them. GONNI not only delivered on time, but they also delivered a top-notch quality just like we expected.❞

Agustin Villaba
CEO – Remates Mágicos

❝I must say that GONNI helped us to launch our online business in just a few weeks. The team advised us from the beginning so we were able to quickly decide which was the most appropriate decision in these early stages we are right now.❞

Yuli Jiménez
Managing Director – SYL

❝Even when our previous version had all the features a pro user would want, the interface was not user-friendly. GONNI redesigned and rearranged the content, call to actions and graphics. Now the product has the same features but it’s way better and easier to use than before.❞


Mariano Tamburrino
Founder & COO – S4

❝The GONNI team delivered exactly the branding we needed. Although initially we had our doubts regarding the logo legibility, the agency tested it with the users and we confirmed that it worked. Readability was perfect in 90% of the cases.❞

Carlos Banfi
CEO – EnJuego

❝It was crucial for our product roadmap to partner with a UX agency that could match our deadlines, that I must say, were almost impossible. That gave us the flexibility we needed to release the new version incredibly fast but also with a great improvement in our user experience.❞

Sebastian Priolo
CTO – S4Index

❝I think that the real value on the agency is the branding approach they take and their ability to design functional websites with outstanding visuals, a mix not so easy to find in an agency.❞


Sebastian Freidzon
Managing Director – AllSaints Coffee Roasters

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