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With more than 10 years in the software industry, our partners trust us to deliver hi-end digital solutions.

In 2021 the FIA homologated the product we designed and develop in partnership with Spectra. The smart rally monitoring system ensures safety during rally races.



Our research specialists will help you discover new opportunities to build new products or improve the existing ones.

From coordinating interviews to running usability tests our Research service can help you obtain more information about your customer’s desires so you can translate those desires into products.


We will iteratively find a new shape for your product to make it perfectly fit your users’ needs.

Whether you need to build an MVP from the scratch or redesign a product that’s already in the market, our UX design teams can find a more intuitive solution so your customers not only keep using your product, they recommend too.


Save money by partnering with a team where developers and designers work in perfect sync.

We have helped companies like Just, Spectra, and Elysian Park Ventures to build and release complex mobile apps and websites used by hundreds of customers every day with accurate roadmap execution and great results.

Clutch Verified Reviews

“We started working with Gonni about two years ago, starting with one of our company’s most important projects in 10 years. It was an extremely challenging project for any provider unfamiliar with direct sales, and even more so, with our business model and company culture — but Gonni’s work was true to their promises and our expectations, a real partner. They didn’t just take on the job itself, but also took the time to understand our company culture, challenging the status quo by being proactive and providing value at every step of the way. It is great to work with such an experienced team and it inspires a lot of trust, you can tell that they get along well and work well together. The original and continued success of the project truly is largely due to this partnership with Gonni.”

Christian Krikorian★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Chief Digital Officer — Just (Wellness)

Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between UX and UI?

User Experience refers to the ease at which a user can reach their goal, such as ordering a pizza with their phone. User Interface includes the shapes, colors, and sizes of each digital element. Making good decisions for the UI will result in an improved UX, with bad UI decisions negatively affecting UX. Generally, we talk about UX/UI together because both processes are performed by the same team, though they can be done separately.

How long does the process take?

This depends on the size of the project, but an extremely small UX process can take up to a month. During the UX process, a check of the previous and current situation, measurement, redesign, implementation, testing, and remeasurement should always be carried out to ensure the best results.

What does GONNI need from me?

It is important that you provide us with as much information as possible about your customers, your objective, and the context in which your product exists. It is vital that you provide us accurate data on current conversions, number of visits, devices, and resolutions, since we use this information to measure the success of the redesign later on.

Do you test with real users?

That’s right. Unless there are strong reasons not to do it, it’s always important to test the design with real users. In order to do this, we use a prototype that emulates the new app or website before they are coded. This way we get feedback quickly, saving you time and money.

How do we know if it’s the right solution?

A crucial part of the User Experience process is prototyping and user testing. This stage gives us insights about how users interact with an app or website without the need to invest a lot of resources in the development process. This way, we anticipate and avoid serious issues with design and functionality in the final version. Prototyping and user testing, along with correct measurement before and after the redesign process, will give us accurate numbers about the magnitude of the improvement and the impact that the redesign had on your business.

Do you code?

Of course we do! Our team was built to carry out all tasks involving improvement and digital transformation. The development team is in charge of materializing the prototypes into a fully-functional app. They are in charge of making the magic of interaction happen by transforming ideas into solutions.

What does Front-end means?

When we talk about Front-end development, we are talking about absolutely everything you can see in a digital product. The front-end dev team is in charge of making the same site work on a 15” MacBook and a 4.3″ Android smartphone using the same code. On the other hand, when we talk about Back-end development we mean hard programming, databases, requests, and fallbacks. Yes, strange words that nobody wants to learn, though this kind of developing team makes it possible to click a “Finish order” button while ordering takeout, and trigger an alert to the restaurant to apply a discount to your credit card.

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