6 February, 2023

iOS App Usability Improvement + Full Branding + Website Redesign and Development for Fintech StartUp

2 January, 2023

Say hi to Franco, our new Jr. Dev Specialist👋

30 August, 2022

We are looking for a Full-time Junior Visual & Content Designer to join our team 🤟

30 August, 2022

We are looking for a Full-time Senior Frontend Specialist to join our team 🤟

1 August, 2022

10 years doing what we love 🤘… Thanks to all of those that have trusted us from the beginning❤️

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15 July, 2022

Once a week we choose a day to work together from the office alongside our fluffy four-legged friends! 🐶🐈

21 June, 2022

Say hi to Evelyn, our new Jr. UX Specialist and Leandro, Sr. UI Specialist 👋

2 May, 2022

We are looking for a Full-time Semi Senior UX Specialist to join our team 🤟

2 May, 2022

We are hiring!

We are looking for Full-time Jr. UX Specialist(s) to be part of our team 🤟

4 April, 2022

welcome to the team Paulina!
Our new Senior UX Specialist is here 🚀

29 March, 2022


21 March, 2022


16 March, 2022

We are hiring, come and join us! 🤝

We are looking for a Full-time Visual Designer & Content Specialist to be part of our team 😀

21 January, 2022

These are the 10 values we stand for as a company and love to transmit to every Gonni’s member! 🤘

3 January, 2022

Welcome 2022 and welcome to the team Rodrigo!
Our new Senior Frontend Developer is here 🚀 Let’s keep it up! 💪👋

1 December, 2021

We closed out the year together with a day outside of the office.
Now we are ready to jump into 2022 with all we’ve got!

24 November, 2021

GONNI Wins Clutch 2021 Award for Argentina’s 2021 Best UX Company

In light of our team’s dedication, it’s a great honor for us to be recognized as Leading UI/UX company during the esteemed Clutch Awards! We are ecstatic to see what’s ahead for us!

2 November, 2021

Say hi to Mariela, our new Project Manager and Valeria, UX Specialist 👋

20 September, 2021

Say hi to ours two new Designers! 👋
Nico, Senior UX Specialist and Pato, Senior UX Researcher 🤗

15 September, 2021


13 September, 2021

The Gonni team keeps on growing!
Say hi to Luis, our new Senior Dev Specialist

6 September, 2021

The Gonni Team Grows Again!
Fabricio is our new Senior Dev Specialist

8 July, 2021

The Gonni Team Grows Again!
Pato is our new Junior Developer

17 May, 2021


15 April, 2021

Meet our fabulous team✨🎉
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1 April, 2021

The Gonni Team Grows Again!
Say hi to our new Head Of Development

15 March, 2021

The Gonni Team Grows Again!
Javi, joins us as our new Senior Visual Designer!

12 February, 2021

BKR is an online bank offering a new way to manage your bank account 100% online through their app. You can even have your own physical or virtual prepaid debit card, that comes with thousands of benefits.


1 February, 2021

Welcome Luqui!
Our new UX Designer

15 January, 2021

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Justworld pioneer in the area of ​​herbal wellness therapies.

We are proud that a company with almost 90 years in the market, has chosen to bring technology into their company, keeping in mind that this would change the way in which thousands of their consultants work every day.


30 December, 2020

New year, new challenges, new reel🎞️. Instructions:
1. Play
2. Enjoy
3. Repeat

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18 November, 2020

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Essenmarket leader in the kitchenware industry.

The whole GONNI team is proud that a company that is a leader in design with more than 40 years of experience has chosen to rethink and design their future user experiences with us.


1 November, 2020

The Gonni Team Grows Again!
Juli, joins us as Head of Branding!

30 October, 2020

If you want to know more about UX… 🤓

Let’s listen to us on this talk for Club Más Austral 💡


7 October, 2020

We are happy to announce that after 6 months, we have started meeting up in person again 🙌
We have returned to our coworking space📍
To work together in the office!🏢
Taking into account the precautions necessary given the situation 😷
From now on, in an optional capacity, we are going to share our work days, trainings, and team interactions together every Wednesday 🤗🤓
Beyond maintaining the remote work style we have always had, we find that this in-person contact is highly beneficial for getting to know each other even more! 🤜🤛


28 September, 2020

Buscatón is a regional browser that allows users to find the stores in their location. Shop owners are provided with a user-friendly web-app which allows them to easily update their catalogs, prices, pictures and special offers.

We worked on different aspects of the brand such as the logo, the color palette, illustrations, photography, and the UX/UI for the web-app. Once the design was completed, our team started to work on the front-end development of Buscatón’s web app.


21 September, 2020

Plored is a platform for fashionistas that are constantly connected.
Users upload their outfits to the site, tag the brand that makes each piece, and start earning money to use in their favorite stores.

We designed the platform’s UX/UI from scratch, developing the full user flow for a digital product with one-of-a-kind features. An exciting challenge!


18 September, 2020

GuazuBet is the official site of the Misiones Provincial Lottery. They were looking to open up to the digital world while maintaining a regional and responsabile focus — keeping the spirit of misiones at its core.

In aiming to create a new identity to improve digital recognition, we developed GuazuBet’s branding with illustrations of plants native to Misiones that could be used later on in different brand elements.


10 September, 2020

Coolkitsch is an e-commerce startup that commercializes an assortment of kitsch objects. From old chinese match boxes to indian movie posters and old stamps from around the world.
The company came to us asking for a brand redesign that reflected the eclectic but minimalistic spirit of the kitsch universe so that it could be conveyed through both their online and offline communications.
We worked on their visual identity, tone of voice, logotype, website and social media profile. Isn’t it cool?


3 September, 2020

Wildar Gaming specializes in both online and brick-and-mortar gaming ventures, offering a wide range of solutions to emerging markets in South America.
We have partnered with Wildar to help them improve their desktop and mobile web app UX to offer a smoother experience to their users. 


31 August, 2020

EnJuego is an online sports betting and casino brand. The company targets young and dynamic people who consume content in a different way than the average casino visitor.
With the purpose of launching the brand, the company put us in charge of branding and the creation of guidelines to carry out digital and street advertising.


24 August, 2020

The Big Picture meeting 📅 is one of our greatest allies — allowing us to have an overall vision of all ongoing projects and their due dates.

Take a look at our Instagram to learn more about all of the methodologies we use 🤓


21 August, 2020

This animation, together with the rest of BKR’s illustrations, are part of the visual brand identity system that we were hired to redesign.
The rebrand was the backbone for the next phases of the project, including the complete redesign and development of the website, as well as the redesign of the native iOS and Android app.


19 August, 2020

What actions can we take in these unstable times to minimize the effects of external factors like volatility and uncertainty in the work environment?


10 August, 2020

8 years building awesome mobile apps, websites, and brands for tech startups. 🤘… A special thanks to all of those that have trusted us from the beginning. ❤️

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30 July, 2020

Remates Mágicos is the first platform in Argentina that connects generous people with their idols through a game. How? By supporting charitable causes, users participate to win an amazing prize: the magical experience of meeting a celebrity — a unique and unforgettable experience that can’t be bought.

We designed their app from scratch to enable a wide range of users to easily interact with the organization. We also developed their branding, including a series of illustrations that reflect the spirit of the platform.

A unique idea with the potential to change many lives!


23 July, 2020

In the last few years, the percentage of people that opt for brands that manage information transparently has increased. One of these practices is product traceability, a way to precisely locate where and under what conditions a product was made. Also, customers have more tools when deciding what to consume, verifying if what they are buying is authentic and in alignment with their consumer values.

With this app that we designed, the objective was for customers to be able to see all of the information available regarding the traceability of a product clearly and quickly — all they need to do is pick something up off the shelf and scan it!


15 July, 2020

A great way to end a project is to host a team meeting to discuss pros✔️ and cons ❌, things to improve, solutions to different stages of the project, and the project itself.

Setting aside time to do this helps to start conversations about each point, ensure that all team members are heard, and apply learned lessons 📊.


2 July, 2020

BKR is an online bank offering a new way to manage your bank account 100% online through their app. You can even have your own physical or virtual prepaid debit card, that comes with thousands of benefits.

We conducted a full redesign of BKR’s digital identity. The first step was rebranding — starting with BKR’s website and ending with their app, making the brand friendlier and helping to generate user confidence.

To refining the user experience, we reorganized BKR’s site structure and its contents so that all users can take advantage of the full range of benefits that BKR has to offer.


27 June, 2020

We continue to have our coffee Mondays ☕ but now they are themed — allowing us to get to know each other even better 🙌

It’s our opportunity to start the week discussing how projects are progressing and the next steps to follow — keeping us all on the same page. ✔️🏁


15 May, 2020

S4 is a tech-startup in the insurtech industry, founded in 2015 with the aim of helping farmers maximize their earnings and reduce risks — in an industry where inclement weather has been a constant throughout history.

We redesigned their website and user experience — integrating an insurance package selection process and backend development for administration. We also refreshed the brand, maintaining its original spirit with a modern look and feel.


13 April, 2020

The Gonni Team Grows Again!
Guada, joins us as our new UX UI Senior Designer!

7 April, 2020

We have been featured on GoodFirms as a Top App Designing Company : )

16 March, 2020

So as to not lose the habit, today we are doing CoffeeMonday from home!

2 February, 2020

We’re working with Essen, a leading designer and manufacturer of high-end kitchenware, to improve the UX on their apps and digital ecosystem. (We can’t show you anything YET but stay tuned!)

28 January, 2020

New article: Blockchain
What is it and why is it becoming so popular?

What about if there was a way to conduct digital transactions without a third party intermediary? Well, a new technology, Blockchain, makes this possible allowing two people to make secure and dependable transactions. 

27 December, 2019

Check out our completely new website! Stay tuned for more amazing GONNI innovation! We have some large and exciting projects in the pipeline (both at home and globally).

26 December, 2019

We ended our 2019 receiving our golden cups for being amazing team members 😉

9 December, 2019

We are only able to meet the needs of our clients and deliver high-quality work because of our highly-talented and creative team! Check out some of our team pics and CoffeeMonday meetings on Instagram @gonniagency

15 November, 2019

 UX, money and fun facts! Check out new content, notes, interviews, and more on our Blog.

22 October, 2019

21 October, 2019

Born in Vienna in 2017, Nikimotion is a startup that designs and sells top-notch foldable baby strollers. With an excellent retail business, Gonni was brought in to support Nikimotion by bringing its digital business to the same superior level.

10 September, 2019

New article: AgTech innovation has arrived to change agricultural production

New technologies developed over the last decades offer a set of tools that mark a point of no return regarding agriculture.

2 September, 2019

The Gonni Team Grows Again!
Sof, joins us as our new HR and Payroll Assistant!

27 August, 2019

We worked with BigMax, the No 1 manufacturer of high-end golf trolleys in Germany, leveraging their considerable retail experience to help increase their digital presence.

20 August, 2019

The Gonni Team Grows Again!
Lei joins us as our new Junior UX/UI Designer!

15 August, 2019

Have you watched our 2019 video reel? Take a look at our minute-long summary of our latest projects. Headphones ON!

1 August, 2019

In July, we celebrated 7 years of doing what we absolutely love: helping startups and other companies deliver smooth user experiences to keep moving their business forward… To celebrate, we partied appropriately!


18 July, 2019

New article: Why does your brand need a style guide?

An investment that guarantees brand consistency and unified criteria between the company departments For those who are not familiar with the concept, a style guide is a library of reusable elements with accessible docu….

17 July, 2019

We have been commissioned by the NBA to work in the branding of a new event taking place in Latin America.

3 July, 2019

Take a look at our profile on Clutch.
Portfolio, reviews and more!


2 July, 2019

New post: Progressive Web Apps: doing more with less

It doesn’t matter what device users employ. This was true when websites were static and were simply made up of images and text. However, what’s really interesting is that this is still true nowadays, even though web possibilities have expanded to do things like streaming, interactive graphics and full web apps. Nowadays that devices have […]

10 June, 2019

This start-up brings together donors and non-profit organizations, creating a unique opportunity to raise money for charity while giving the donor the opportunity to enjoy a one-of-a-kind unforgettable celebrity experience. We designed and created both the digital branding and the app to allow a wide range of users to easily interact with the organization.

3 June, 2019

New Member of Team Gonni!
Jesi joined us!

20 May, 2019

In May, we were happy to receive a visit from Boostribe, an agency that connects businesses and students with founders and investors (such as Google, WeWork, and Ualá.) We were able to present the work we have done along with how we do it!

17 May, 2019

We are growing (again), so we are moving (again)! Say hi to our new garden, rooftop garden, specialty coffee bar and the amazing Area3 building in Buenos Aires.


4 March, 2019

The Gonni Team grows Again!
Meet Mario, our new Junior UX/UI Designer!

27 February, 2019


S4 is an AgTech startup with the aim of helping farmers reduce risk and maximize earnings. From initial research, wireframes and prototyping to the front-end development, we developed the entire beginning-end UX.

5 February, 2019

New post: We need a new logo

A few days ago, a family business which has been in business for over 50 years made us a clear request: we need to redesign our logo. To do this, our first question was: Alright! But, why do you think you need to do so? The answer, apart from being vast and full of analyzable content, […]

11 January, 2019

Team Gonni Grows Again!
Meet Marie, our new UX/UI Designer!

4 January, 2019

New Member of Team Gonni!
Meet Rodri Ferrero, our new full-time Frontend Developer!

1 January, 2019

Hey, we are on TDA!
Take a look on our case studies and articles!

19 December, 2018

A beautiful gift for the New Year:

We are finalists for the Latin American Design Awards with not just one, but two incredible branding projects we did in 2018. It’s a true honor to compete with so many talented designers and agencies! Congrats Team!

15 December, 2018

We were recognized as an outstanding digital agency in BA with two incredible projects we did. It’s a true honor to compete with so many talented designers and agencies! Congrats Team!

1 August, 2018

New post: Legal Cannabis industry is here. Is your brand memorable enough?

Conversations with several experts in the industry have shown that branding plays a decisive role in the development of the segment. In the US, the market for cannabis is growing. It is estimated that by the year 2020 it will generate more employment than that generated by workforce, government jobs, or public service. The number […

18 January, 2018

Hey! Take a look to our articles on Medium and read about some amazing topics.

15 August, 2017

New project: Vans Off the wall 3D Printing Web-App

18 December, 2015

New project: Datastorm. More on our work page!

2 December, 2015

Take a closer look at the most frequently asked questions from our meetings and calls.

26 November, 2015

New project: TiendaBit


7 August, 2014

Oh yeah, we are on Instagram!
Visit our profile, follow us and be part of our creative family.

15 April, 2014

We partnered with Wildar gaming to improve their digital products in the online betting industry.

15 November, 2013

We moved to Colegiales. Check it out!


17 October, 2012

15 June, 2012

This week Joincube will launch ther second version of their platform that we helped to create.

2 June, 2012

Moving … what!? more pics soon!

28 May, 2012

Mmmm brand new cards…

2 April, 2012

Hello world. GONNI is born! Hold on to your hats!