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BKR is an online bank offering a new way to manage your bank account 100% online through their app. You can even have your own physical or virtual prepaid debit card, that comes with thousands of benefits.

Over a series of stages, we conducted a full redesign of BKR’s digital identity. The first step was rebranding — starting with BKR’s website and ending with their app, making the brand friendlier and helping to generate user confidence.

We adjusted BKR’s logo, changing the color palette to add new colorful touches and reinventing their universe by adding illustrations that help bring the brand to life! We also reorganized BKR’s site structure and its contents — this in addition to refining the user experience so that all users can take advantage of the full range of benefits that BKR has to offer.

❝All of the UX process was very clear from the beginning, respecting the steps in the roadmap. In each meeting, the GONNI team explained the goal of the meeting, its relation with the overall objective, and what the next steps would be. This helped us to have clear visibility of the whole process the entire time.❞

Andrea Coultas
Marketing Manager 


Online banking, Finance

what we did

User Experience, User Interface, Wireframing, Low and HiFi prototyping, development, branding and logo redesign.

❝They proposed a roadmap and they fulfilled it perfectly.❞

Jordana Dayan
Chief Project Officer

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