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Branding the aesthetics of kitsch

brand context

business context

Coolkitsch is an e-commerce startup that commercializes all kind of kitsch objects. From old chinese match boxes to indian movie posters or old stamps form around the world, the company offers an extensive catalog where you will find a unique story behind each object.

The company came to us asking for a brand that reflected the eclectic but minimalistic spirit of the kitsch universe to translate into their onilne and offline communication.

❝We need a branding that reflects the communication and mixture of the huge world of CoolKitsch but at the same time works as a guide when it comes to communication pieces that are solid and consistent over time.❞

Antonio Seward
CEO – CoolKitsch


Consumer goods

what we did

Visual Identity, Brand Manual, Tone of voice, Logo design.

brand development

logo study

A kitsch brand needs a kitsch logo that tells the story behind the company. With that in mind we designed a solid logo where every element tells a story.

As shown in the images, from the background based on a stamp motive to the vertical shape of the writing and even every typography character, they all have a different historical origin but they join forming something new with a unique mood.

brand identity


Since the brand works with a great amount of image styles, formats and types, we decided to keep the images free of any alteration treatment.

On the contrary, the image is always the center of communication and is simply displayed with typography and miscellanies.


In this case, both typographies join the image. In the branding it never plays an important role, its use is completely secondary.


Miscellanies play a central role because they represent the distinctive features of different times, cultures and writings. We developed a basic set of illustrations that are used troughout all the communication to standardize it and enrich it.

user interface & social media

online store

The implementation of identity in the online store is simple and clear. Even though the products and objects keep their central role, the miscellanies and the chromatic palette give context and enrich the content,

The store design constantly combines objects with the story behind them to offer a simple but rich user experience with content specifically generated for each object.


social media

Communication in social media, as well as in the site, tells the story behind the objects and goes beyond that by linking the objects with one another. This way they offer a richer and more complete buying experience.



In order to primote retail sales, we also suggested a series of short run printed editorial publications where each one makes the most of the story behind the objects and works as a promotional piece with a brand approach completely based on content.

Print pieces are always completely covered by color and miscellanies keeping the brand’s mood intact and appealing.


The packaging design is in line with the branding line presenting a kitsch object inside another object that is also kitsch: full of color, shapes and illustrations.

❝We are definitely satisfied with the result. The GONNI team understood what we needed and we worked closely together which was crucial for the correct development of the project.❞

Antonio Seward
CEO – CoolKitsch

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