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Issue / Context

business context

Born in 2019, Remates Mágicos is a startup that let people win the chance to live unforgettable experiences with celebrities by donating money to different non-profit organizations. Our job was to design the UX from scratch to let a wide range of users interact easily. A very unique idea with the potential to change many lives.

We were responsible for the app flow, LowFi prototyping, UI kit, mobile app design and digital branding too.

❝We had a very good vibe about the agency from the beginning and we are happy to have trusted all our user experience and branding on them. GONNI not only delivered on time, but they also delivered a top-notch quality just like we expected.❞

Agustin Villaba
Product Manager – Remates Mágicos


Donations, Games & Enternainment

what we did

User Experience, User Interface, UX/UI, Wireframing, Low and HiFi prototyping, branding, logo design.

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