Helping farmers to get insurance on time

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S4 is a tech-startup in the AgroTech industry, founded in 2015 with the aim of helping farmers maximize earnings and reduce risk in an industry where inclement weather has always been a variable of production.

We were hired to improve the organization’s UX and re-design both desktop and mobile websites, making them more user-friendly to improve retention.

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Between 35% and 45% of world harvests over the course of history have been lost due to inclement weather.


Total ag-tech startups founded in 2018 globally.


Estimated market value of the world’s AgTechs by 2020.


Wheat and soybean production will increase by nearly 10% over the next decade.

❝Our clients weren’t able to arrive to the end of the checkout process; something basic, but not so easy in a complex product like S4Index. GONNI took the challenge to redesign our product and were able to do it in a very small time frame. The result of their work made our yearly sales grow.❞

Sebastian Priolo
CTO – S4Index

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Insurance, Agriculture

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User Journeys, User Experience, User Interface, UX/UI, Front-End Development

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