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business context

Wildar Gaming specializes in both online and land-based gaming and offers a wide range of solutions to emerging markets in South America.

We have partnered with Wildar to help them improve the UX on their desktop and mobile web apps to offer a smooth experience to their users.

Gonni Agency Online Casino UX Design and Digital Branding
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Potential players troughout Latin America.


Total revenue in 2017 with still growing numbers in Argentina.


Growth rate of online betting during the 2017-2018 period.


Total revenue made from mobile-based transactions during 2017.

❝Partnering with GONNI was the right decision for us because the agency has a solid knowledge of User Experience and Front-end development. For us, it’s crucial to work with this kind of experienced team.❞

Nicolas Enjamio
CEO – Wildar Gaming

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Casino, Sport betting, Online betting

what we did

User Experience, User Interface, UX/UI, UI animation, Front-End development, User persona, Development, Research, Digital Branding

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