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We were hired to analyze and rethink the user experience on their current digital product GO, and redesign the way customers engage with their web-app.


Between 35% and 45% of world harvests have been lost historically due to inclement weather


Is the sum ag-tech startups raised globally in 2018.


Is the estimated market value of Agriculture globally by 2020.


Was the total mobile revenue during 2017.

what we did

Research, Diagnoses, User Experience, User, Wireframing, User Flow, User interface



“Even when our previous version had all the features a pro user would want, the interface was not user-friendly. GONNI redesigned and rearranged the content, call to actions and graphics. Now the product has the same features but it’s way better and easier to use than before.”

Mariano Tamburrino ★ ★ ★ ★ ★Founder & COO, S4

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