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brand context

business context

Signatura is the world’s first contract signing platform based on blockchain. A web-app that allows companies to save time and money by using smart contracts to digitally sign and certify documents in blockchain, with absolutely zero risks.

Founded in 2016, the company has rapidly grown and in just 2 years the need of a solid brand identity has become the obvious step to position the brand as a reliable choice for b2b smart contracts. We were asked to rebrand the company’s visual identity so they could easily translate their value and increase sales.


Is the percentage of CEOs that have blockchain projects among their 5 strategic priorities for 2019.


Of CEOs say that blockchain technology is broadly scalable and will eventually achieve mainstream adoption.


More than 40 percent are planning on investing at least $5 million in blockchain over the next 12 months.


Of CEOs feel that blockchain-based solutions provide greater security than traditional approaches.

❝For a company in the blockchain business it is really important to convey the right message and image, and our previous brand image didn’t fit with what our company offers. We didn’t look trustable.❞

Gonzalo Blousson
Founder and CEO – Signatura


B2C, Tech, Blockchain, SmartContracts

what we did

Visual identity, Tone of voice, Brand Manual, user experience.

brand development

logo study

The Signatura symbol had 2 problems. First, the typography had weight issues on the entire word and specific problems on characters like the G which was why the logo looked non-professional.

Secondly, there was no symbol. This caused problems when it came to using the brand in the App Store for example. The logos must work first in their daily use context and this brand didn’t have a daily use logo.

That’s why we created a new one inspired on a blockchain grid. This gives the brand a little story to tell and reinforces memorability.

Iso Signatura

brand identity


For this re-brand images were chosen carefully. Even though they are stock images, the selection criteria and the characteristics of each picture reinforces the institutional tone, serious but modern in the office situations that are represented.



Typography was a key element in the brand image redesign. The strong strokes in the serif letters automally give the brand a technological mood and at the same time work as an extremely characteristic feature for iconography and miscellanies.

type 1

iconography & misc.

The icons system used in the app, presentations, web, brochures and ads keeps and reinforces the typography’s morphological features.

The brand’s tone of voice is direct but always contains a hidden sign. In the industry where Signatura adds value, burocracy is the rule. From this point of view, the new wording constantly reinforces the speed and simplicity of the smart contracts system.



In cases of typical use, such as stationery, the brand looks simple but strong. In these cases, the paper quality and the correct use of the typography do all the work.


In the rest of the identity, the brand implementations are very clear and always keep the image while at the same time modulate the graphic resources mentioned above.


From billboards to advertising pieces for events, the brand keeps it simple, modern and direct providing the Signatura team with a clear guide to work their communication, save time and resources.

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