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Signatura is the world’s first contract signing platform based on blockchain. The web-based platform lets companies save time and money using smart contracts to certify documents.

The company has rapidly grown and in just 2 years the necessity of solid brand identity has become evident to position the company as a market leader for b2b smart contracts.


❝For a company in the blockchain security business is really important to transmit the right message and image and our current brand image does not transmit precisely the sensation we want to.❞

❝Our current image doesn’t fit with our products. The value we provide, the problems we solve are much bigger than the way we look. We need to fix that.❞

❝We don´t need just a new logo. What we truly need is a system or something that let us organize our current communication in a simple way. We need guidelines to save on communication process.❞



❝The improvement on our logo and symbol was very precise. The characters optimization was just perfect and the animation is perfect for screens. On the other hand, the visual assets, brand manual and wording proposed helped us a lot to deliver high-quality messages on digital, print and motion. Those things are a key tool for a company like ours right now.❞

gonzalo blousson


Signatura logo before and after_comparison

Website comparison

Signatura App after/before comparison

❝This new approach on the identity is simple but solid, that was what we were looking for this rebrand. I like it.❞ franco amati


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