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brand context

business context

Buscatón is a regional browser that allows users to find the stores in their location. Shop owners are provided with a user-friendly web-app which allows them to easily update their catalogs, prices, pictures and special offers.

The company was born out of the need for online visibility of small businesses such as bakeries, drugstores, or grocery stores. With this idea in mind, the company put us in charge of brand design and user experience.


Of smartphones run on Android OS in Argentina.


Of stores in the neighborhoods where Buscatón was launched have registered.


Of people use their phones to look for information.


Of Argentinians browse the internet to look for stores near their location before making a purchase.

❝We need a web-app that allows business owners to manage their catalog, special offers and pictures easily. It is crucial to offer them a platform that is very easy to use.❞

Gustavo Dominguez
CO Founder – Buscatón


B2C, Tech, Online shopping

what we did

User experience, UI animation, FrontEnd development, Brand Design, Illustration and Visual Identity.

❝We are a digital shop window. The interface design and the way content is displayed must aim to be quickly consumable, easy to read.❞

Diego Rinaldi
CBO – Buscatón

brand development

logo study

Buscaton’s logo is a combination mark. This means that the brand symbol is integrated into the logo, allowing for a more direct association between the two for optimal performance. The written accent over the letter “O” is altered to look like a searching eye, reinforcing the logo’s name and memorability.

brand identity


Images for the brand’s internal and external communication must be made up of at least 10% orange hues with these colors taking center stage in the image composition.


Just like images, illustrations must also always have a high percentage of orange. These illustrations are used in the site’s communication to increase brand visibility when necessary.

The illustrated brand elements work together with the UI in cases where the dynamic content needs support.


The font chosen for the project was Gotham Bold because it allows for easy legibility in small sizes like those of mobile devices.

However, this font also performs well in display sizes that are used for external communication, allowing for quality long-distance legibility and a modern appearance.



Once the design was completed, our team started to work on the front-end development of Buscatón’s web app.

The main challenge was maintaining the quality, speed, and features of the platform using one unified code that can adapt to a large number of devices.

Whether it be mobile, iOS, Android, tablets, iPads, notebooks or desktop devices, Buscatón’s interface is flexible enough to allow the user to browse through it easily.

Additionally, having only one development allows the company to organize, iterate and optimize the tool in a more systematic way.

Another consideration was the large amount of dynamic data. From images of different width, height, and resolution to texts of varying length, the platform is programmed to rearrange the information in a way that keeps each page organized and easy to understand.

buscaton - UXUI - Gonni Ux Agency - 4

In addition to the visible user-side of the platform, our agency was also in charge of back-end interface design for the second group of users — the business owners.

In this case, the main focus was on mobile formats since 90% of storekeepers manage their store’s content from their smartphone.

Thanks to the collaborative work with the company’s development team we reached a result that’s completely intuitive, responsive, and easy to browse.

❝They truly met our expectations. The look and feel is exactly what we were looking for and we always felt that the GONNI team was part of our company because they understood our users’ issues and solved every problem with an iterative approach.❞

Gustavo Dominguez
Founder – Buscatón

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