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brand context

business context

EnJuego is an online sports betting and casino brand. The company targets young and dynamic people who consume content in a different way than the average casino visitor.

With the purpose of launching the brand, the company put us in charge of branding and the creation of guidelines to carry out digital and street advertising.

❝The GONNI team delivered exactly the branding we needed. Although initially we had our doubts regarding the logo legibility, the agency tested it with the users and we confirmed that it worked. Readability was perfect in 90% of the cases.❞

Carlos Banfi
CEO – EnJuego


Potential players throughout Latin America.


Total revenue in Argentina in 2017, which has continued to grow.


Growth rate of online betting from 2017 to 2018.


Total revenue made from mobile transactions in 2017.


B2C, Tech, Casino, Sports Bet

what we did

Branding, Logo, Tone of voice, Brand video reel, FrontEnd user interface, UX/UI

brand development

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logo study

As you can see above, in this case the logo was designed to make the most of digital support and it is defined by three aspects:

Shape, clearly making reference to the movement of casino slots.

Movement, something that can be used in digital brands to increase memorability.

Sound, another factor where digital brands can make the difference and increase memorability.


brand identity



Image treatment is a key decision for the visual definition of a brand that constantly deals with dynamic content.

The definition of a strict usage in the way of use makes it easier in the day to day to have a homogeneous communication guide that helps the different communication teams to work side by side and keep a solid identity saving time and resources..



Just like images, the consistent use of a solid and well-shaped typography makes the creation of pieces easier.

In this case, the Knock-Out font works perfectly for headlines, posters, banners and street pieces with an unbeatable impact.




The development of the UX/UI in ENJUEGO was focused on adapting the previous platform to the brand identity.

We worked on improving the visual quality and the amount of information displayed in order to make the web-app easy to understand even to those customers that are new in the niche.

A strict and consistent implementation of the brand manual helped the street, on-site and internal communication become the same thing.

Across the site and its different subcotegories the brand has enough flexibility to remain visible but giving room to content, which is what truly matters.




The correct implementation on the street is crucial for the development of the brand image. To that effect we designed layouts that consider every possible format where only 3 variables reinforce each piece: color, image and typography.

The modulations in these three variables give the brand the strength, variability and consistence needed to adapt to any format and support.


Even in cases where the brand’s visual elements are reduced to a minimum, such as co-branding applications or simple pieces like presentation cards, the brand continues to work thanks to its consistency: the balance between the logo, color and typography is always crucial.

Consistency in brand guidelines for brands with great dynamic content is the most important factor when building a solid visual identity.

This doesn’t only saves time and resources but also guarantees a quick indentification among regular customers and, especially, a clear identification among the competition.

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